20 Elegant Winter Work Outfit Ideas for Women

Generally, winter will make someone lazy to go out because the air becomes very cold. Especially for you who work at the office. That’s right if you have to prepare the best outfit that you wear at this time. And because it’s winter, the most important thing is to wear outfits that can make your body warm. Sometimes, someone feels confused to wear suitable outfits for this winter. So, here we recommend the best outfits that you can wear to go to the office this winter. Let’s see it!


Actually, blazer is the best outerwear that is very suitable for work. Blazer has a formal design, so you who wear it will look more elegant. This blazer is also suitable for you to mix with various other outfits. And the most important thing is the blazer can make your body warmer.

Black blazer with a long striped shirt that is suitable for winter.
Blue blazer with black trousers is the cool look for office workers.
Striped blazer with a scarf that will make you look stylish in the winter.
Combination of black and white plaid blazer with black trousers that make you look more elegant.
Brown blazer with a white skirt that will make you more stylish in the winter.

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Jeans are pants that are perfect for you to mix with various outfits that you have. Then, someone who wears jeans will look casual. So, if you like to wear jeans you can wear them as an outfit to work by combining it with outerwear or other outfits.

Black jeans with a striped blazer that looks casual but still neat.

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Combination of jeans and sweaters that will keep you warm in the winter.
Jeans with a leather jacket that will make your appearance to the office become cooler.
Combination of blue blazer and shirt with blue jeans that will make winter more fun.
White jeans with navy blazer complete and a scarf that makes your appearance to the office more stylish.

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In fact, suits are an outfit for work that everyone likes it. by wearing a suit, your appearance will look more formal but still stylish. Especially now, that there are lots of suit designs so you can choose whichever design you will wear. And certainly, the suit can give warmth in this winter of course.

The purple suit which is ready to accompany you to work in the winter.
White suit with the striped motif that is stylish and neat for you to wear while working.
Yellow suit with a white turtle neck T-shirt that will give a colored appearance during winter.
Gray suit that makes you look stylish and formal in this winter.
Cream-colored suit equipped with a red-green scarf like a Christmas theme in winter.

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For you who want a girly look at work. Then the dress is the perfect outfit for you to wear. There are many designs of dresses that you can choose. And in addition, you can combine it with outerwear so you don’t feel cold again.

A short white dress with a long beige cardigan as outerwear will make you feel warm in the winter.
Combination of gray dress and black-white striped blazer that keeps you stylish when you go to work in the winter.
Patterned dress with a white blazer and black leggings that make you not feel cold in winter.
Beige dress with long green outerwear that will make you look girly and stylish.
The combination of gray dress and pink outerwear that can make you look more beautiful and girly.

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From some outfits above, those are very suitable outfits for you to wear in the winter. You can choose these outfits by adjusting them to the activity being carried out. However, the most important thing about wearing an outfit is to pay attention to comfort. If you are comfortable wearing that outfit, then the activities you do will also be more pleasing.

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