30 Best Polyvore Outfits for Winter that Trending Right Now

In finding the best outfit for winter is hard sometimes. It is because you can’t left your shorts and always try to find a way on how to wear it. Therefore, during winter you should be able to do the right mix and match. Here, you have to consider on the warmth that the outfit could give you than only the style. The reason is that because the weather temperature in winter will freeze you out if you don’t facilitate yourself to wear the warm outfit.

Talking about the proper winter outfit, there are some other things that you should consider. Here, some additional accessories are needed such as the shawl, bag, shoes. In hence, you could also wear jewelries, watch, or belt that will surely beautify your look. Here we have some gorgeous polyvore outfit ideas with several different styles that you can copy.

Black and red plaid wrap dres combined with black leather heels and bag. The gol modern design earring will match this look well.
This plaid blazer with green as the main color looks harmonious with small green hand bag. Combine it with the tan skirt and boots.
Red plaid shawl and skirt which are really harmonious paired with red buttoned coat and black long sleeves inner. Then, add this look with black and red accessories.
The tan coat match well with the brown leather bag and knee boots. Combine this look with jeans and some jewelries.
Black an beige are the color scheme used here. Add with stand out jewelries and red lipstick.
The purple shirt and coat can be perfect combined with purple stocking and hat. Wear the flats and silver jewellery.
This one is the casual look choice for your winter. You can simply wear black trousers, white plaid shirt and sneakers. Don’t forget with the other black accessories.
This casual look is quite the same with the previous look but here the shirt is in red color for the stand out look.
This light grey hoodie sweatshirt combined with plaid baggy trousers looks really chill. Then, to add the warmth, you can add it with beige socks and white warm shoes.
The grey inner might looks not suitable with the winter, but since it added with the shirt then it will be ok. You can combine it with the jeans and boots.
Black hoodie sweatshirt paired with red plaid shirt the combined with jeans, black grey back pack, and boots.
The red sweater looks really match with the black tight trousers. Combine it with brown ankle boots, scarf and tan watch.
Red plaid skirt combined with denim jacket which is really warm. Wear the beanie and boots for more warm impression.
Light blue inner paired with dark blue wrap coat and the same shade heels look awesome if combined with blue plaid skirt. The blue bag and ring will perfecting the look.
Red plaid shirt and brown inner look harmonious with the brown boots and bag. You can wear jeans for your bottom wear.
White inner layered with tosca sweater and brown leather jacket look match combined with brown boots and tosca bag. Then, the jeans will make everything look even more perfect.
You black and white plaid shirt can looks awesome with the brown parka jacket, boots, and bag. Then, to apply the red nail polish can make you look casual yet pretty.
The green plaid skirt can have its best look with the green blazer paired with black sleeveless blouse. Add the look with black high boots and bag.
Plaid brown skirt looks harmonious with brown hand bag and high boots. Wear the grey t-shirt for your top wear.
The red plaid skirt here is really warm with the wool material inside. Moreover, combine it with black trousers and white t-shirt as the inner. At last, the white shawl and brown boots will give you more comfort.
Blue and grey plaid skirt looks harmonious with grey blazer and blue inner. Then, pair it with blue heels and red clutch.
Black t-shirt and denim trousers can have the warmth with the big plaid shawl. Next, combine it with red wine bag, shoes, and bracelet.
Red long skirt with belt seems to be warmer with the grey cardigan. In hence, wear the black trousers and brown boots to give you more warm.
In this case, the red and green plaid shirt combined with brown sweater look perfect with the green flats and black jeans.
Turtleneck cardigan will match well with black inner sleeve t-shirt. Then, you can combine it with jeans and black boots.

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White sweater and black trousers look really chill for you who love simplicity. Next, you can add your look with flats and some simple accessories.
The blue jeans match well with the blue patterned sweater. Anyway, the red handbag and brown boots can give you more pretty look.
Pink floral pattern trousers looks harmonious with pink inner and white sweater. In hence, combine it with white ivory bag, boots, and shawl.
Black coat paired with black sweatshirt look really calm with the green bottom wear.
Red sweater combined with white t-shirt and black trousers. Then, add it with grey shawl, black beanie, black leather handbag, and animal print boots.

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From the outfit plan arrangement above, you can find that there are two basic styles created. Those are the chic with the skirt or dres and the casual with trousers. For the chic, what you can do is just to make sure that your feet won’t get cold when you weat the shorts. Here, you should wear legging or high knee boots. In this case, if you wear the socks then it will be even more warm.

Next, you can find the casual style from the outfit ideas above. In case the casual is commonly created by wearing the trousers then it won’t be too difficult. Here, what you should do is preparing your best top wear so that you could get the impression you want. Basically there are some ideas that you can adapt from the layered and not layered. Anyway, if you choose not to wear layer, then make sure that you wear something with proper material to bring the warm feeling.

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