30 Minimalist Nail Color Designs For Summer Style

Summer is a sunny season. With heat and strong wind blow, you can basically enjoy summer as an active person. That’s why, you don’t need intricate designs for summer nails. And here, 30 minimalist nail color designs for summer style is the right thing for you!

Since it’s simple, then you don’t need much time to prepare for your nails. Only use your favorite polish color and brush. Spend few minutes on your nail, then you’re ready to go! Off to an unforgettable summer!

Simple Basic White and Glitter Manicure
Neutral Looking Shade of Nail Polish
Making Simple Design with Straight Lines
Play on Asymmetrical Designs on Nails
Plain yet Beautiful Nude Nails
Simple and Basic Nude Nails
Glitter Accent on Nude Nails
Using Glitter as Focal Point on Nails
Long Nails with Nude Shade
Pastel Color Manicure for Summer
Simple Glossy Acrylic Nails for Summer

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Simple Shapes Ornament on Nails
Light Blue Manicure with Line Decor
Play with Lines and Asymmetrical Design
Select Contrasting Color from Your Outfit
Purple Manicure and Flower Painting

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Speck of Glitter on Nails
Get Retro Feeling on Your Nails
Black and White Nails for Simplicity
Basic Flower Pattern for Summer
Transparent Acrylic Nails with Flower Stickers
Paint Abstract Motif on Your Nails
Purple and Violet Manicure
Unique Tribal Motif for Nails
Use Crystal as Main Point of Manicure
Tartan Motifs Nail for Fun Summer
Tiny Flower and Matte Finishing
Circular Pattern on Nails
Ink Blot Patterns for Abstract Manicure
Reverse French Manicure for Simple Look

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