8 Incredible Hair Color Ideas That Will Make People Impress

Beautifying hair with hair coloring is common. Then, what color is good for making you look attractive? In this case, the specific colors that can change your look to be more eye catching. You can dye your hair or you can use synthetic wigs. There are many colors you can choose that will surely impress people.

1. Galaxy Hair Color

Three colors consisting of violet, purple and blue are a very impressive combination of bright colors. With the ombre technique, you definitely have the incredible hair color you want. Moreover, if the combination of these colors in coherent with wavy and layered haircuts. Trust me, wherever you go, everyone will be impressed with your hair.


2. Incredible Green Hair Color

Bob haircut and the combination of green and black creates an impressive hair color. With medium length hair like this, the color gradation looks perfect. Thus, this hair color creates the impression of real colored hair. For a dramatic look, you can also apply the same color lipstick to your hair. Just try it!


3. Ombre of Black and Light Grey Hair Color

In addition to bright colors like purple, red and others, light gray colors are also good for impressing everyone. f you dye your whole hair with light gray it can look like synthetic hair. However, some time later, your real hair color at the top will look natural.


4. Dark Grey Hair Color

This dark gray color is highlight to look more lively. While the purple tip really gives an impression look. This hair color looks natural and also incredible at the same time. Really impressive.


5. Light Blue Hair Color

If you have long hair, you can dye it with light blue. This color is soft and bright so it can create an impression of calm. If the original color of your hair is black, you don’t need to combine it with other colors. This is really beautiful and you’ll look like Sailor Moon.


6. Two Color of Pink and Blue

What is unique and impressive in this hairstyle are the two separate colors in the two sections of hair. These two colors are bright and cute. Combining them into two parts of hair is very nice and impressive. Just try to try this style.


7. Lemon Yellow Hair Color

For this color and hairstyle, you have two choices. First, you can dye your real hair or you can choose a wig with lemon yellow. Besides incredible, this yellow color looks fresh and impressive.


8. Spring Hair Color

Adopting a spring hair style and color, you can choose this idea. There are about five colors combination with gradations that are truly beautiful. With this hair color, you will surely impress everyone who look at you.


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